Frequently Assed Questions

"How do I join?"

What the #$%@ is Hashing
Easy -- find the directions to our next run and just turn up! Directions to each run can be found on the homepage of this web site. Or, you can be put on our e-mail list and have the directions to each run e-mailed to you. Go to the contact page for infomation on the email list.

"You guys must be athletes, right?"

Nothing could be further from the truth! In hashing, the athletic and competitive aspect of running take a back seat to the social side of things. We're not called "a drinking club with a running problem" for nothing! Hashing caters to all levels of runners, with a bunch of walkers at each hash. Following a trail with check points, false trails and short cuts ensures that runners and walkers of all levels finish at roughly the same time.

"When do you hash?"

We hash every Monday evening throughout the year at 7:00PM SHT (Standard Hash Time). We also have evening hashes on some full moons (mostly during the summer), or on other days if it's a special hash like our Annual WinterRude hash. We also have ski hashes (bashes) occasionally during the colder part of the year.

"Where do you hash?"

Pretty much everywhere! Hashes can be either on- or off-road, or some combination. We've run through the streets of Rockcliffe, along the Ottawa River, around the Parliament buildings, through fields and valleys throughout the city, and across rivers and streams everywhere. We've run through transit ways, city hall, malls and cemeteries. We've run pretty much everywhere in Ottawa and it's surrounding areas and on special runs go as far afield as Perth, Montreal, NY state etc.. Chances are we've run through your neighbourhood!

"What should I bring?"

Bring comfortable running gear. If it's a wet or wintry day, a change of clothes (or at least socks) is highly recommended. Note that if a trail has been set, the hash WILL run it, whether it's a scorching +30C or -20C with blowing snow! New shoes are dissuaded. Hash cash is $5.00 which covers the hash, BEvERages and an additional $5.00 if the Hare is hosting a BBQ/Dinner/snacks following the run.

"Where can I find more info on hashing?"

Hashing is a worldwide activity. Check out the What the #$%@ is Hashing? page on this site or these internationally-recognized Hash House Harrier web sites:
Flying Booger's Half-Mind Catalog:
Global Trash:

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